Product Testing


Physical Lab is providing uniform product testing for the acoustic, electronics, construction and audio industry. Our biggest testing chamber is more than 400 cubic meters in size. This gives us the ability to do extended low frequency testing with a single sweep without the need to perform nearfield measurements. You can even drive in a car or a van to test or improve the automotive audio system or the acoustical emission of the vehicle itself. 

Our quasi infinite baffle for testing speakers, passive or active In- or On-Wall speakers is 6m x 6m in size. This way we do not have any problems with diffraction effects of the baffle itself. We can test speakers down to 40Hz in a distance of 1m with a single fullrange sweep. The maximum size of the speakers can be 80cm x 80cm. 

We are also able to test In- or On-wall Speakers under real conditions. That means that we measure the speakers in a height of about 1m. This way we can optimize your design considering the first floor reflection. 

Physical Lab is also providing electronically tests on amplifiers, automotive systems, converters, MP3 players, CD and DVD players, digital interfaces, tablets, mobile phones and Bluetooth devices.






-          Standard acoustical measurements

           (SPL, Impedance, Distortion, CSD, TSP, …)


-          Extended acoustical measurements

           (Large Signal, Polar plots, 3D balloon plots, EASE .dll, …)


-          Standard electrical measurements

           (Response, THD, Noise, …)


-          Extended electrical measurements

           (1Mhz 24bit FFT, Converters, Chip level

           testing, Bluetooth, PESQ, …)