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Welcome at Physical Lab! 


Physical Lab is your source for all demands in the audio industry. Our young, innovative and highly motivated team is specialized in the fields of product testing, acoustic engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, driver and crossover design and industrial design.

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Nov, 2021

Working on a unique loudspeaker and amplifier switch box for high end users and scientific research. The switch box enables the user to choose between two speaker pairs and two amplifiers. It also comes with a level adjustment for each speaker pair and amplifier. This way one can switch between a high sensitivity speaker and a small bookshelf speaker with the same SPL. It is also possible to switch between sensitive valve amps, as the amps will always see a load when switching.

Possible Modes:

  • Speaker pair A/B
  • Amplifier C/D
  • Mixed Speaker/Amplifier A/B/C/D

                        Scientific blind tests can be made easily and reproducible!

The switch box also comes with an integrated sine and noise generator for customers without an audio analyzer. Level adjustments can be made very easy with a mobile phone.


Stay tuned!



March, 2021

Worked on a study of a helmet design for skydivers. Skydivers can fall quite fast in a typical range from 160km/h to more than 300km/h. The noise of the wind and mechanical strain can be quite high! Dimples, known from golf balls, can effectively reduce noise. A special dimple design with new linings showed, that noise can be reduced by more than 6dB in the critical frequency range of our ears! Special test equipment was built to measure both vibration and SPL inside the helmet with a kemar head.




Nov, 2016:


Chris N. Strahm, founder and President of LinearX, passed away on Nov 25, 2016, of natural causes. His unbelievable knowledge of electronics, software and acoustics was outstanding! Chris was one of the guys who changed a whole industry. Even after many years LMS and LEAP are still industry standard products and both are used intensely.


R.I.P Chris N. Strahm   ;   We will miss you as a business partner and a good friend!


If you need special assistance or support regarding LinearX products, please fell free and contact us! You can download LinearX software and updates on our homepage!