Physical Lab is your source for all demands in the audio industry. Our young, innovative and highly motivated team is specialized in the fields of product testing, acoustic engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, driver and crossover design and industrial design.



-          Mathematical modeling and simulation 

-          Speaker design 

-          Filter design (analog passive, analog active, IIR, FIR, …) 

-          Complete Speaker Design and Prototyping

-          Electonical Design ; Layout ; PCB Prototyping 

-          …



Our CNC milling router allows us to build prototypes fast and precise. The frame of the unit can also be used to measure acoustic particle velocity or just simple acoustic pressure and phase in the X -Y plane when placed directly on the speaker baffle. This is very useful to examine horns, waveguides or off axis behavior of multiway speakers. It also allows us to examine the acoustical wave front of array or multiway speakers.



 CNC Router