Filter Box

 Filter Box 4



  • dual channel or bridged mode (up to 170V/RMS)
  • 2 channel 80kHz 8th order lowpass filter
  • 2 channel -30dB attenuator with 6dB steps
  • ultra flat passband +/-0.05dB to 40kHz
  • high linearity at high levels






The filter box is the perfect accesory when measuring Class-D, PWM or Sigma-Delta digital modulator type output stage amplifiers. The stop band response is greater than 70dB at 250kHz. Switching noise is thus highly reduced. This ensures highly accurate in-band measurements  of the amplifier. The attenuator enables high measuring levels even on very sensitive analyzer inputs. This makes the Filter Box the perfect and universal tool for amplifier measurements. All components of the Filter Box are hand selected in our company to ensure best performance and high accuracy.

 Filter Box rear 5


Technical Specs:


 Mode  dual single or bridged mode
 Max level single mode  80VRMS / channel
 Max level bridged mode  170VRMS
 Input Impedance  900Ω / channel
 Output Impedance  300Ω / channel
 Filter structure  80kHz Lowpass Butterworth
 Linearity  +/-0.05dB up to 40kHz