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LEAP V5 is the world's most respected tool for professional electroacoustic development


The software consists of two separate applications:  

- Enclosure Shop 

- Crossover Shop




EnclosureShop provides advanced simulation and modeling of transducer and enclosure behavior.


• Revolutionary Diffraction Analysis
• Arbitrary Structural Enclosure Analysis
• Far Field, Near Field, Pressure Analysis
• 360 Degree Horiz/Vert Polar Field Simulation
• Advanced 53 Parameter Transducer Model
• Infinite or Finite Volume Domains


• Nonlinear Acoustic Network Simulator
• Quick Design & Reverse Speaker Tools
• Full, Half, Quarter, and Eighth Space Domains
• OpenGL 3D Graphics & 3D Object Support
• Reference Manual - 576 Pages
• Application Manual - 178 Pages




CrossoverShop provides the tools to design your filter topologies based on measured response data.


• Analog Passive & Active Design & Analysis
• Digital Filter FIR & IIR Design & Analysis
• Mixed Domain Analog & Digital Designs
• Advanced Global Optimization Engines
• Optimization of SPL, Group Delay, Impedance
• Graphical Schematic Entry & Editing


• Fully Automated Crossover Design Wizard
• 22 Advanced Specialized Circuit Components
• Advanced Electrical/Acoustical Circuit Simulator
• Thermal, MonteCarlo, Sensitivity Circuit Analysis
• Reference Manual - 462 Pages
• Application Manual - 174 Pages





Important: If you want to use LEAP5 with Win7 or Win8 you will have to run it in a emulated WinXP mode!



Enclosure Shop Demo Version

Crossover Shop Demo Version